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Interview with a Divine Masculine

I sat down with *James, a Divine Masculine on the twinflame journey, to find out what the twinflame experience is like from the Masculine perspective. Do they experience the same synchronicities? Did he notice right away that there was something special about his DF? What were his tips for creating a safe space for your Masculine to open up? James really bared his soul to us and below is an excerpt of the Live interview. To watch the whole Live interview on my YouTube channel, you can click on the link that follows.

Maid4luv: So what made your DF different from anyone else that you’ve dated?
James: um she is absolutely beautiful. Um but just the way um she talked and carried herself and I felt I felt comfortable around her straight away. All right like yeah when we had met up like after the night that we'd met um it took a while like I was chasing and then we'd met up and I just felt really comfortable around her and then we'll talk on the phone um all the time and stuff and I noticed I was um because I my grandfather who was my father I was in the room when he had passed away um and I had never spoken about it um and for some reason and like just in the early stages of us being together I felt safe and like comfortable enough and I don't know why. Um I guess now I know but yeah I could talk to her and I felt like I could talk to her about um things that ah I wouldn't really talk about yeah
Maid4luv: And you said straight up that you weren't a talker at all
James: Yeah l couldn't imagine myself talking about things like that back then...

Complete interview can be viewed here-

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