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This is not a Live service. This service is done remotely and a record of the session is sent to you via a private YouTube link.


In this remote karma clearing session, I will use my Akashic Library Card to access the Akasha and allow Spirit to show us what karma is coming up for you at this moment for healing and releasing.

We will then take the first energetic steps towards transmutation by breaking up the density of it and releasing it back to the Cosmic Jet Stream of the Universe. Even as I am writing this They are showing me an energy that is flowing like the jet stream in the ocean and this dense, dark mass being broken apart, energized with Love, swirled and churned at an impossibly high vibration and then that swirling energy joining that jet stream to be taken into the wild unknown that is a vast expanse of the Universe.

During this remote service, I will do several things-

  • Access your Akashic Records and see what karma is coming up for attention or transmutation OR you may have a specific question that you want to ask and you believe the answer lies in your Akashic records
  • Locate any contracts that may be connected to this karma that we are allowed to destroy at this time and destroy them with the permission of your Higher Self
  • Dissolve any cords related to this density that we are permitted to dissolve by your Higher Self
  • Disperse and release this energy back into the Cosmic Flow with assistance from Your Guides, Higher Self, your connection to the Light and the Higher Self of your Twin if necessary
  • Administer any healing that your Higher Self wishes to have administered
  • Channel Guidance for the final release of any remnants of this energy by yourself as this karma releasing exercise is not complete without your agency and involvement.
  • I will also pull an Oracle card from whichever deck I am Guided to in that moment for a final message for you


Alternatively, you may have a question that you wish to explore through the accessing of your Akashic records (one question please). I will use my Akashic Library Card to access the Records that Spirit thinks is relevant to the question at hand. At the end of the session, I will pull an oracle card as a final message from Spirit.


    An audio of this service will be delivered on the scheduled date via a private YouTube video link. Turnaround time is USUALLY 3- 21 days but it all depends on demand.

    *Emergency services- Emergency Spirit Release Therapy is also available. Just go to Store and add the Emergency Fee for Spirit Release to your cart and purchase. Emergency services and delivered within 24 hrs of cleared payment.

    Akashic Record Reading and Karma Clearing Service

    • There is no refund for this service. Refunds will only be issued if you do not receive your order

    • Please note that if you use PayPal to make payment, it will show up as 'The Love Shack' on your bank statement

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