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This is a replay of the Ancestral Healing Intensive workshop held with Maid4luv 2nd July, 2022. You will be Guided to this session when it is appropriate for you. If you signed up for this session, use the link in your inbox to access the replay. Otherwise, you can rent or purchase this for viewing here-


Energy can neither be created nor destroyed and in the context of Ancestral Healing, Ancestral Healing is the process by which we uncover and release negative energy that has become trapped in the ancestral DNA and manifest in the lineage and the organs of the body. These inherited wounds and traumas, and some may even call them curses, can cause dis- ease and disease. Ancestral healing is meant to bring the mind, body and soul back into balance and bring harmony to the ancestral line in all directions of time and in every dimension.


In this Ancestral Healing Intensive, which will be held on 2nd July, 2022 at 1pm eastern time, we will employ several healing modalities including Munay Ki, Reiki, techniques from the Metaphysical Anatomy modality, Akashic Record clearing and Energetic Imprint Removal.

The 2 hour and 20 minute session will flow as follows:

  • Brief 5 minute PowerPoint presentation to give context to the session
  • Akashic Journey to determine our focus- 15 mins
  • Karma Clearing- 15 mins
  • Munay Ki to replace damaged templates in the 8th Chakra for a toxic pattern in your ancestral line and one chronic disease running through your ancestral line- 30 mins
  • Negative energetic imprint removal for imprints, trauma transfers, quantum enmeshment and soul copies on etheric field and meditation to call back your power (soul retrieval)- 25 minutes
  • Removal of  Ancestral Trauma from physical body and the brain, heart and gut quantum field as the premise is that physical disease is really trauma that has become trapped- 10 mins
  • Sacred Heart of Twinflames Reiki to harmonize and lock in healing  and affirmations- 10 mins
  • Healing the false self or identity through Ancestral Harmonization- 10 mins
  • Collective Ancestral Tarot Reading- 20 mins


You will need the following: 

  • An item from your Ancestor or Elder that represents the disease or toxic pattern that you wish to energetically release
  • A candle (any color or size). Trust your intuition and then read up on the significance of the color that you chose. This will be an additional message for you
  • A stable internet connection
  • Earphones with a mic
  • Pen and Paper for a reflection exercise
  • A quiet and peaceful space in which to sit whilst in class
  • You should also try to refrain from abusing any mind altering substances at least three (3) days before the workshop. Focus on grounding and protection techniques or prayer and connecting with one's Ancestors and your connection to the Light


You can access this replay here-


Ancestral Healing Intensive

  • There is no refund for this replay

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