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Become a Certified Psychic Surgeon! Please see the pre- requisites very carefully!


I am a certified Remote Spirit Release Therapist, having been trained under and assessed by Dr. Terrence Palmer who is recognized as the authority on the subject in the United Kingdom and Europe. Spirit Release Therapy is a therapeutic intervention that focuses on the spiritual aspects of physical, emotional and mental health care. Everyone gets compromised by negative or low vibrational entities and energies from time to time especially if a robust spiritual practice has not been established. Lifestyle factors may also contribute to client vulnerability as activities such recreational drug use, the use of some prescription medications, hostile environments, toxic situations and emotional instability also contribute to compromising your aura which is your first line of psychic defence.


In this Advanced SRT course, which is accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine, we will focus on the Physiological aspect of the SRT Protocol- Healing the Physical Body. It’s based on the premise that everything that manifests in the human body has a spiritual and/ or emotional genesis that may be rooted in this present lifetime or in their ancestry. We will learn as we heal ourselves so participants will work on their own body or on someone that is biologically related to them as this healing also impacts the ancestral tree. Diseases that seem to be linked to the ancestral line would be ideal to work on during the course as week look at how multifaceted the healing needs to be to achieve success. Students will be assessed through class participation and from the feedback from my Guides.


In this course, we will focus on four aspects of Psychic Surgery-

  • Healing the physical body through the Akasha
  • Healing through the 8th chakra
  • Spiritual Recalibration Therapy for Health.  Students will also receive a Therapist cert in this modality upon completion of the Psychic Surgeon course. You can learn more about this intervention here-
  • Energetic Organ/ Body Part Transplant- meet your theatre/ theatre team, learn how to access the Energetic Organ Bank, the replacement process, integration and maintenance of transplant


At the end of this course, you will be eligible to register with the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine as a Certified Psychic Surgeon.


Classes will be delivered in a group setting with thirteen (13) other students besides yourself. I will be showing my hands as usual. lol. But students will need to have their video on so that I can monitor you for safety.


Classes will be held on Zoom on Saturdays at 10am Eastern Time.


Classes begin in the energies of the 03/03 portal specifically 2nd March, 2024 and are delivered once a week in four 2hr sessions.


An email will be circulated 24hrs before the commencement of class with a link to access the Zoom meeting. It will be sent to the email address that you used to book the class


Pre- requisites and Tools

  • Must be certified as a Spirit Release Therapist by Maid4luv- must have passed the SRT Assessment and received all 3 certificates. You can sign up for this course here if you do not have this pre- requisite.
  • Transfers from students who have done basic SRT with either LillyRose or Charlotte of HappyTwins1111 will be considered. These students will be required to submit demos for assessment by Maid4luv and will need to pay an assessment fee of $66.66 to cover the cost of the three certificates that will be issued if the assessment submissions are satisfactory.
  • Must have a consistent and firm spiritual practice which may include daily grounding and protection exercises and/or prayer and energetic clearing of your living space.
  • A pendulum for dowsing and the ability to use it
  • A candle for a sacred fire
  • A strong and reliable internet connection
  • A pair of headphones with a mic
  • Access to Facebook and Zoom
  • A quiet space where you would not be distracted nor disrupted

Certification in Advanced Spirit Release Therapy- Psychic Surgery

  • Please read carefully. By purchasing this course, you agree to these terms and conditions.

    • There are no refunds for students who miss or fail to appear for class sessions
    • There are no refunds for failure to follow instructions to access the class or your inability to use the necessary software applications
    • There are no refunds for students who cannot connect with their Guides or are found to not have the pre- requisites for the course after classes have commenced
    • To cancel your space in the class, you must give at least seven (7) days notice before the commencement of class for a full refund
    • 50% refund will be issued if you cancel three (3) days before the commencement of class
    • No refund will be issued if you cancel less than three (3) days before the commencement of classes
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