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This service just provides a number that will be sent to your email. There is no recording that will be attached.  This service usually has a 1hr- 36hrs turnaround time but it all depends on demand.


If you believe in the concept of re- incarnation, this service can provide an answer to either of the questions posed below. I will be employing the dowsing method to channel the answers from Spirit. You can ask multiple questions but each question must be a separate order.


You can ask EITHER ONE of the following questions:


Option 1- How many times have I incarnated on Earth as a human being?


Option 2- How many times have I incarnated in total including lifetimes on other planets and as other lifeforms?


Option 3- How many lifetimes have I incarnated into the same lifetime as my Twinflame?


Option 4- In how many lifetimes have my twin and I been in long term physical union?


Option 5- How many parallel lives are you currently living?


Option 6- Are you incarnated with your twin or soulmate in any parallel life?


Option 7- How many parallel lives are incarnated with your twin or soulmate?


Option 8- Are you in physical union with your twin in a parallel life?


Option 9- Are any of the dreams that you are currently having, of a parallel life? (You can cite a particular dream if you like)


Option 10- You can ask your own custom question. Do not ask if someone is your twinflame, soulmate or a karmic with this service. You can ask questions like how many times have I been the gender that I am now? How many times have I incarnated as a man? How many incarnations have I shared with my soulmate? How many incarnations have I shared with the karmic in my relationship? Any question of this sort is also permissible but I retain the right to reject questions that I deem are not suitable for this modality.


Please make sure to write your choice of option in the section provided for this purpose.


Emergency services are also available, just go the Store and add Emergency Fee- Twin Tune In to your cart and purchase. Emergency reads are delivered within 48 hours of cleared payment.

Check Your Incarnations with Luv

  • There is no refund for this service. Refunds will only be issued if you do not receive your order

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