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Photo credit- Forgiveness by Mario Sanchez Nevado

This is just the product description. This meditation can be accessed by clicking on the Meditation tab or by clicking It is available for rental ($11.11) or purchase ($33.33). Just click on this link after you read the description-

In this Forgiveness and Release meditation, we will do four (4) things-

  • We will power up and flush our chakras with Divine Light and ground and protect ourselves
  • We will clear the current blockages in the heart chakra
  • We will call in and forgive all those that we perceive have caused us hurt, harm and injury
  • And after the clearing and release, we will fill our heart space and subtle bodies with a fresh dose of Divine Light

Just click on this link after you have read the description to access the meditation-

Forgiveness and Release Meditation

  • Refund Policy- There is no refund for this service

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