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This is just the product description. This meditation can be accessed by clicking on the Meditation tab or by clicking It is available for rental ($11.11) or purchase ($33.33). Just click on this link after you read the description-

In this HealingLuv meditation, we do several things-
  • Acknowledge and revive the inner child
  • we will listen and give your inner child what they need to thrive
  • we will tell your inner child what they need to hear to feel safe, loved and confident
  • we will create an energetic environment and bubble in which your inner child can now continue to thrive
  • we will re- integrate this inner child into your psyche and I will apply the Sacred Heart of Twinflames Reiki to bring you bank into unity with self- body, mind and spirit
  • We then pass these healing codes to your connected other whether it’s a twinflame, soulmate or life partner
Now this meditation will resonate especially for anyone who has been getting an intuitive hit that there is “something” to be addressed in the sacral chakra. When I got to the powering up of the sacral chakra part of the meditation, there was an extremely loud siren that went off. My video editor had to cut it from the meditation because it would have been too disruptive to the healing process. So I had to wing it, go with the flow and apply healing specifically to the sacral which was not part of the original meditation. This part removes any and all negative entities, energies, hexes, curses, ancestral trauma and soothes any hurt, harm or injury.
Just click on this link after you have read the description to access the meditation-

Healing the Wounded Inner Child

  • Refund Policy- There is no refund for this service

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