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This is just the product description. This meditation can be accessed by clicking on the Meditation tab or by clicking It is available for rental ($11.11) or purchase ($33.33). Just click on this link after you read the description-


Welcome to this Healing Luv meditation. You have been attracted to this meditation because you’ve been given the Green Light by your Oversoul that it is time for your twin ring or your twin connection to ascend. That is time for the new incarnation of your connection to be grounded into the Earth plane and its time to finally say goodbye to the old you and the old them. It is the end of the old cycles and old paradigm of the connection and for this connection to take its new position as a wayshower and leader in the Light Army by grounding high vibrational Light and Light Codes into the Earth’s Grid as well as shining a for your families, your community, your country and the world to find its way back to Unity Consciousness.


To activate this new template, we will do several things-

1. We will upgrade the collective DNA of your twin flame connection through the shared 8th chakra

2. Activate the new genetic codes obtained

3. Allow the DNA strands to lace up and join the individual chakra so that they become one fused chakra together with the center chakra

4. Fire or power up the fused chakra 7 times (1 time for each chakra) until we achieve point of combustion with your breath

5. Then ground that energy into Earth

Just click on this link to access the meditation. It is meditation #13 (the energy of transformation and resurrection)-

Meditation of the Sun and Moon- Twin Ring Ascension meditation

  • Refund Policy- There is no refund for this service

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