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This modality offers Ancestral Healing through the use of the pendulum and charts to open your Family Tree and identify, clear and healing ancestral dysfunction and trauma.


Energy can neither be created nor destroyed and in the context of Ancestral and Lineage Healing, Ancestral and Lineage Healing is the process by which we uncover and release negative energy that has become trapped in the ancestral DNA and manifest in the lineage and the organs of the body. These inherited wounds and traumas, and some may even call them curses, can cause dis- ease and disease. Ancestral and Lineage healing is meant to bring the mind, body and soul back into balance and bring harmony to the ancestral line in all directions of time and in every dimension. I recently studied Opening and Clearing the Power of the Family Tree with Maria Zeiss who is the creator and pioneer of this modality that is grounded in Spirit Response Therapy. This is not to be confused with Spirit Release Therapy. You can check out how clearing is done with Spirit Response on YouTube.

According to Maria Zeiss clearing our relationship with our Ancestors means freeing ourselves from the toxic and False Loyalties that we stored or identified with in the name of Love to our lineage. She says that these false loyalties prevent us from living our best life and block our sovereignty. Based on the study of Psychogenology, this healing modality is geared towards clearing Soul Programs, Invisible Loyalties from the Family on Earth, and Soul Family relationships.

Sessions are conducted remotely and I deliver a video recording via private YouTube link.

Clients will identify ONE particular area in their life or issue that is presenting a challenge. This could be love and relationships, abundance, why do I attract shitty partners, why can’t I hold down a job etc. So the intention can be broad or more specific. We will then clear any personal blocks or programs connected to this issue then open up and clear the family tree from anything that may be having an impact on this identified area. Sessions can run from 30 mins to 2hrs depending on the options and the number of Ancestors and/or descendants and/or Soul Family members that are identified in the session for clearing.

Ancestors refer to those that came before you.

Descendants are those that came after you including children, grandchildren, greatgrandchildren, nieces and nephews etc

Soul Family refers to non-biological members or our family including our twin flame, their family, soulmates etc


Clients can choose one of 3 options-

Option 1 which includes SRT for client + Clearing the 8 generations that came before client + Descendants + Soul Family- $444.44. You can book this one through this product listing


Option 2 which includes SRT for client + Clearing the 8 generations that came before client - $333.33


Option 3 which includes SRT for client + Clearing the 4 generations that came before client - $222.22


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Clearing and Healing the Family Tree (Full Service)- Option 1

  • Refund- There are no refunds for this service.

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