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This is just the product description. This meditation can be accessed by clicking on the Meditation tab or by clicking It is meditation #10 and is available for rental ($11.11) or purchase ($33.33). Just click on this link after you read the description-

You have been attracted to this meditation because you sense that you are on the cusp of a powerful transformation. In this HealingLuv meditation we will clear the path for this upgrade and to do this we will do several things,

  • We will power up and flush our chakras with Divine Light and ground and protect ourselves
  • We will release and clear the last bits of gunk from each of our chakras that have been holding back our complete transformation in the cleansing fire of the Phoenix
  • We will surrender to the Highest Versions of Ourselves
  • We will transmit the healing codes to our connected other through the umbilical cord (Twinflames) or heart cord (Higher Level Soulmates) that connects both of you to ground their own transformative process

  • I will then administer the Sacred Heart of Twinflames Reiki with the intention that you come back into Unity with self- body, mind and spirit

The best times to do this meditation is 03/03/2023 or any other date that reduces to 13- the card of Death and Rebirth in the tarot. Other best times would be the 13th or the New Moon of every month except for Scorpio season when it can be done any day with the most powerful days being 11/11 and the New Moon in Scorpio.

Just click on this link to access the meditation. It is meditation #10-

The Phoenix Transmission- Rebirthing the Self Meditation

  • Refund Policy- There is no refund for this service

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