The Sacred Heart of Twinflames Reiki TM is a healing modality that I channelled during my Reiki Masters attunement ob 08/08/20. You can find out more about this experience by clicking on this link


These attunements are now being offered online through Zoom to any twin that has already been confirmed as a twin by myself, Charlotte at Happy Twins 1111 or by any of her students that have graduated from her advanced mediumship class. Results from a Scio or Quantum feedback machine confirming your twin status are also accepted. Potential recipients must also have attained the status of Reiki Master as your chakras have to be ready to receive this energy. You can seriously hurt yourself or sabotage your journey if your chakra system is not prepared.

Although it will be a face to face session, you won't see my face. lol. And if you prefer it, you can choose to not sure yours either. Introverts unite! lol. You can just show your hands so that I can see you draw the symbol.


Sessions will typically last from 15- 20 mins depending on the natural flow of the session and what messages may come up for you. The session will follow the format below,

  • A one- card Oracle message for your guidance going forward
  • A short explanation of the symbol, administering the modality and how to attune others
  • A short grounding and protection meditation
  • The actual distance attunement
  • Recipient then atttunes Me
  • This package includes a free digital Attunement certificate and a free digital Lineage certificate.  These are issued immediately after the attunement.


To order this attunement, complete the check out process and send me an email at with your booking confirmation, proof of twin status, pic of your Reiki Masters cert and the best times for you for attunement. Let me know the name of the song that makes you feel closest to Spirit because I would want to incorporate that into the attunement for you.

The Sacred Heart of Twinflames Reiki TM

  • Refund Policy- There is no refund for this service

    Cancellations- There is a no cancellation policy but and you can reschedule up to 48hrs in advance if you're not able to show up for the original time.

    No- Shows- I will wait in the meeting room for up to ten minutes for your arrival. After 10 mins you will be considered a no- show and you would need to make a new order and pay again.



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*It is a legal requirement that I include a disclaimer - In accordance with the law in several countries I must point out that all tarot readings and SRT offered here are for entertainment purposes only, and no guarantee can be given as to the accuracy of my work. The user is responsible for his/her own life choices and decisions. I am not qualified to give legal, financial, medical or any other advice . There is a no refund policy on all the tangible products sold in The Love Shack as each item is reiki charged with a blessing and intention for the future owner and as such is a "custom good". Refunds on readings and mediumistic services such as Twin checks and SRT will only be issued if you do not receive your reading or service.

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