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Do you want to know if you have met your twinflame? Do you want to check on the progress and health of your connection? Then this is the service for you!

(This service is now delivered via a brief (5- 10 minutes) video report that covers the items listed in the description and a diagram sent to your email).

This is not a tarot reading. This is mediumship. The medium tunes into your twin flame ring (which everyone has) and checks to see if the person has met their twin, reports on the ring, does repairs, maintenance, applies healing to the ring, shields the ring and then generates a report of what is seen. If you would like to have a tarot and oracle reading on the energies of your love connection, click this link for a full listing of the readings that I offer


Now from the research that Charlotte from Happy Twins and I have been conducting and what we have channeled from our Guides is that everyone has a twin. This is how souls are made, in twos with one person holding the feminine energy and the other holding the masculine energy. Your twin isn't always incarnated in the same life as you and even if they are, its another thing to meet them. This twin connection in this lifetime has an energetic representation in the spirit world and it looks like a bubble with a connecting chakra in the middle and the counterparts on either side of the connecting chakra. When we tune into your twin ring, if you've met your twin, your shared chakra lights will be on or at least the lower ones and the person will look alive on their side of the ring instead of in statue form. If you havent met your twin, your ring will be in darkness and your twin will be a statue.


Make sure that you are mentally and emotionally in a stable place to receive whatever the outcome may be. I WILL NOT tolerate abuse of ANY kind just because someone was not prepared for the results. There is a 50/50 chance that the outcome may not be what you thought. You have to prepare yourself for that before choosing this service.


The report is delivered via private video link on YouTube and USUALLY has a 3- 21 day turnaround time but it all depends on demand and covers the following areas:

  • Is there an active twinflame connection? 

  • Review connecting chakra energies and determine stage/progress

  • Review energy on ring, is it flowing equally in both directions? What blockages are apparent? 

  • Are the DF and DM lights on? 

  • If not, what healing is required? 

  • Review false twin/karmic cords

  • Review 3 flames of purpose

  • Place protection around the connection

  • Is there a message from twins HS?

  • Advice from Guides

  • A rough diagram is submitted to illustrate what is seen by the Medium

  • If it is discovered that it is not a twin flame connection, the client will be informed by email with a report of what was seen.


Emergency services are also available, just go the Store and add Emergency Fee- Twin Tune In to your cart and purchase. Emergency reads are delivered within 48 hours of cleared payment.

Photo credit- Sacred Union by Robyn Chance

Twin Flame Tune-In/ Twinflame Checks

  • There is no refund for this service. Refunds will only be issued if you do not receive your order

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