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Energy Portal Reading

How has a current portal affected your person and your connection?

  • 20 min
  • 77.77 US dollars
  • Online Delivery via Private Youtube link to Inbox

Service Description

This reading is designed to gauge the effect that any given energy portal eg 5/5, 8/8, 11/11 etc WILL AFFECT/ HAS AFFECTED (choose either one and indicate in the notes) your person and the connection We begin by getting a significator for your person's energy generally and a significator for their energy towards you. We then examine- 1. How will/ how did the portal help your person 2. How will/ how did it affect the Karmic connection 3. How will/ how did it affect it affect how they are viewing you 4. How will/ how did it change how they are viewing this connection 5. How will/ how did it affect your connection 6. Advice for what each counterpart has to do to move towards Union If you have questions of your own, please choose the "Your Questions Answered" reading as it allows you to ask five (5) questions of your choice. Please note that if you're going to use PayPal for payment, this will show up on your bank statement as "The Love Shack". All my readings are pre- recorded and delivered by private YouTube link to your inbox by an identified date. Please do not give any details. My aim to deliver the message direct from Spirit without the interference of ego and prior knowledge. Refunds will only be issued if I do not deliver your reading. Emergency services are also available, just go the Store and add Emergency Fee to your cart and purchase. Emergency reads are delivered within 24 hours of cleared payment.

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