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Allegra Salvoni

Therapeutic Coaching/ Psychotherapy Counseling

I'm a holistic, multidisciplinary practitioner, offering psychotherapeutic counselling, transformational coaching, therapeutic coaching and coaching to support spiritual awakening and soul growth! I'm a registered Gestalt Psychotherapeutic Counsellor and an ICF accredited, professionally certified Coach (PCC), a Coaching Supervisor and an Embodied Facilitator. I'm also trauma trained and bring with me 20 years of experience in healing and personal development to support the work. I'm currently training in the Comprehensive Resource Model - a phenomenal tool which supports the experiencing, release and re-integration of trauma and disassociated parts of ourselves - including those rooted in childhood wounds, ancestral trauma and past lives. It also works to clear all manner of obstacles to growth from inner critic and sabotaging behaviours to unhelpful core beliefs, mental blocks and emotional reactivity.

My wish is to help you to unravel, unwind and re-integrate all that interferes with your self-sovereignty, whether it be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual - and support you to find the place of resonance within; the one that reminds you of who you truly are.

Allegra Salvoni
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