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Bernadette Galea

Licensed Psychotherapy/Mediumship

I am an Australian registered Psychologist and work with my clients on both the traditional psychological level as well as the spiritual level. I have believed for some time now (and have been told by mediums) that I will be helping the collective as a teacher and facilitator of the journey to the beloved. I met my own twin soul in Oct 2019 and have been on the excruciating healing journey since then. We are currently in separation.
I have travelled the very intense roller coaster of being in separation from my twin and had to discover and release many fears within myself. I have developed many techniques for recognising and allowing belief systems to surface and how to release them as they arise. I help twin souls recognise the unusual nature of their healing journey and how to turn attention inward to restore balance when triggered. I have had many of the ‘supernatural’ twin flame experiences (telepathy, bodies merging, dreams, etc.) so can help other twin souls to navigate these. I am also a trained Enneagram teacher and this amazing personality tool is incredibly helpful for my clients who are on the spiritual path.
I work via zoom (or any online platform) and can take payment via PayPal for overseas clients. I’m currently in Brisbane, Australia. My company is called ‘Essential Nature’ and my website for clients is

Bernadette Galea
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