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Bláthín Monaghan

Licensed Psychotherapy/Counseling

My name is Bláthín Monaghan, I am based in Ireland and I have been working as a primary teacher since 2010. In parallel, I developed an interest in Counselling and Psychotherapy where I specialised in helping people identify and achieve their personal goals by coping with the issues that are causing them distress, anxiety, and pain. I work in a person centred manner and endeavour to bring awareness, understanding, wellness and healing to all aspects of your mind, body, heart and spirit. I take great pride in the progress of my clients, it is my great privilege to sit with another and to witness their journey unfolding and to help them to face challenges in life. In doing this sacred work it becomes possible once again for a person to awaken to their gifts and potential that lie just beneath the surface.

I have recently quit my teaching position due to mask mandates for children being enforced. I do not believe children should be forced to wear masks. Personal sovereignty and choice are so important. I chose to leave as I want no part in a system that can damage children in the longterm.

Bláthín Monaghan
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