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Dawnece Williams

Energy Healing

I have been studying tarot and Youtube tarot readers since Jan of 2021. I have a deep passion for inspiring and uplifting others as I believe we are all Divine and Karmic reflections of each other. I have successfully done some personal readings and I look forward to doing even more. I have recently developed a Youtube channel in which I will provide pick a pile and general readings for the collective. I live in Maryland with my father and I attend Morgan State University for Applied Liberal Studies with a minor in Psychology.
I currently work with Kindergarteners as a teacher's aid, but in terms of spirituality, I would consider myself a lightworker and energy healer. I also wish to help others connect to and communicate with their spirit guides and loved ones who have transitioned.
My areas of expertise consist of understanding the twin flame and soulmate collective, as well practicing spell work with the Egyptian deity, Hathor. I am still mastering my spirituality, but I have built an altar and I do communicate with my spirit guides regularly.

Dawnece Williams
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