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Dr. Amati

Licensed Psychology

I completed my PhD in Psychology and am a licensed psychologist in New York. I have practiced in educational, early childhood, mental health, and private practice settings for nearly 15 years. Soon after awakening to my twin flame connection, other twins began finding their way into both my personal life and office (surrounded by synchronicities, of course) and my twin flame mission began to unfold. Merging transpersonal and holistic perspectives, I provide support for others who are also on the intense twin flame purification and union journey.
I am a HeartMath Certified Practitioner, and also incorporate various healing modalities into my therapeutic work. I offer individual therapy via telehealth to clients currently in New York state.
I am also excited to launch a 5-week mental wellness course for twin souls called “Your Healing Is In Your Hands” beginning on 11/11, and gladly welcome my fellow KMoon listeners to use the coupon KMOON for $33 off. Weekly course topics will include:
1. Balanced Mind & Body (heart coherence and other mind/body techniques),
2. Balanced Thoughts (cognitive behavioral approaches),
3. Balanced Beliefs (identifying core beliefs and hot thoughts),
4. Balanced Physical/Emotional Health (holistic wellness),
5. Implement/Integrate (creating a wellness routine).
For details on the course or to connect with me for individual therapy work, contact or

Dr. Amati
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