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Dr. J Fisher

Licensed Psychotherapy

Dr. J is a licensed psychologist and certified positive psychology practitioner who provides mental fitness training to groups and individuals. Dr. J’s style of mental fitness training encompasses a new way of approaching life for those who feel out of shape emotionally and spiritually. She specializes in working with family/community leaders to reach a new freedom: freedom from outside noise and feeling out of control so that they can connect authentically with the people they love and the communities they serve. Dr. J’s commitment to the world is to bring people to life again - to live with a sense of agency, urgency, and gratitude. She helps people re-discover what makes them feel alive.
Dr. J received her graduate degrees from Columbia University and University of Connecticut and has received training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis to create subtle and effortless shifts that produce fulfilling life changes. She has been featured and published on platforms like Bustle, Goalcast, Fatherly, and Thriveworks.

Dr. J Fisher
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