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Dr. V

Holistic & Quantum Healer

I am Dr. V. Instead of retiring, I am re-firing, after 20 + years as a Dr. of Chiropractic and Intuitive Holistic Practitioner that was licensed in 3 states. I'm now licensed by and sit on the Board of Interfaith Community Chapel as a Licensed Reverend as well as Intuitive Holistic Practitioner, and Quantum Healer.
I specialize in removing emotional blockages using my technique, in all areas of life whether health, wealth, all types of relationships etc. but especially for twin flames.
It was through being stuck in enormous amounts of emotional pain & suffering associated with the twin flame journey that I was able to penetrate the 6th dimension and bring back this knowledge & wisdom to help release and heal myself into empowered self love! My mission & calling is to now help facilitate others through this transformational process especially those on their own unique twin flame journey to manifest a life they love!

Dr. V
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