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Gwen Leake

Kundalini Reiki MasteryTeaching

Gwen is the energy behind Twin Hearts Healing. She is a Kundalini Reiki Master Teacher. Kundalini Reiki works with Earth-based energy of kundalini( Shakti feminine) energy coming up from the earth activating the kundalini appendage in the root/sacral chakra and then traveling up the body to The crown chakra. Kundalini Reiki focuses more on the lower chakras. Dissolving blocks and debris such as fear, confusion and self-doubt.

Gwen offers kundalini Reiki treatment sessions (3 sessions in a treatment ) some of the different Reiki’s include DNA Reiki, birth trauma Reiki, past life Reiki, karmic band Reiki, crystalline Reiki. She also offers a kundalini Reiki teacher master/teacher certified course. This is a five week course done online only.

Take your healing to a deeper level!
Are you ready?

Gwen Leake
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