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Kylie Attwell

Life Coaching/Biowell Practice

Kylie Attwell spent years yo-yoing between careers before discovering and finally living her purpose as a content curator and facilitator of self-transformation. She is the author of the Build A Life You Love Workbook Series.

Kylie has a masters in life experience, having done the hard yards to overcome her secret lifelong battle with depression and anxiety – without medication, winning the lottery or meeting a knight in shining armour. She attributes the dramatic and lasting positive transformation of her life circumstances to uncovering and embodying her purpose and releasing the subconscious programs that we running her life.

Kylie’s primary objective is to help others avoid the long and costly path she took. She developed the website as a free online resource for others. Gregg Braden, best-selling author and pioneer in bridging science, spirituality and human potential, has lauded this site as one of the best of its kind in the world. He professed, “I wish I’d had a resource like this 30 years ago!” It has subsequently become a hub for Kylie’s work.

Her skills and services take a multi-disciplinary approach based on the latest therapeutic modalities and brain science. In her Brisbane practice, Kylie conducts one-on-one consultations and energy assessments to ascertain where clients are on their journey, and then provides personalised guidance to help change the printout of their life. She also facilitates belief change, emotional release, and hands-on healing sessions to relieve stress and anxiety.

Kylie Attwell
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