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Mindy Laczynski

Licensed Psychotherapy/Energy Healing/Breathwork

I am a licensed psychotherapist (LPC) in the state of CO (as well as breathwork facilitator, energy healer) with 22 years of experience. I’ve also been on the twin flame journey for 7+ years.
I work with a lot of different modalities, and my ideal clients are those who are ready to do the deep work. I specialize in trauma, mood disorders, anxiety, attachment wounds, spiritual/psychedelic integration work.
I have some current clients who are also part of the TF collective and it definitely informs how I approach relational issues they come in with. I know first hand how isolating it can be to not feel like you can be completely open about the relationship, because if you haven’t experienced it, you just can’t fully understand. I still have a lens around trauma bonds and attachment wounding, the need to move into separation if it’s inflicting harm, but I also understand this isn’t a connection you can ever completely sever yourself from, as it’s you.
I offer both telehealth and in person.

Mindy Laczynski
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