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Nahnahsha Deas

Licensed Integrative Psychotherapy/Intuitive Healing/Spiritual Life Coaching

As a licensed Integrative Psychotherapist, Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Life Coach with over 25 yrs of therapeutic experience, and an intricate awareness/knowledge of navigating the Twin Flame journey, I combine cognitive (talk therapy), somatic & energy-based services to offer a balanced therapeutic approach to assist with challenges of increasing anxiety, low self-esteem, depression, body aches, inner child healing and other more complex trauma symptoms. I am able to work with clients in the US and abroad.
Through my own experience, I learned the Twin Flame or Twin Soul journey to be a heart-centered healing process that continually invites you to know yourself as magical, allowing, resilient, fertile, integrative, safe and loved. At times this process can feel like a heavy burden, but as you learn to accept, surrender and allow your beliefs and expectations to shift, you can raise your Vibration and restore/reclaim your personal power (Sovereign Light).
I created my second therapeutic practice, Rubie Red Slippers (RRS), on the backend of my own Twin journey breakthrough so I could offer healing support to others along their awakening & ascension process.

Nahnahsha Deas
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