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Rose Moon Healing

Channeling/Twinflame Mentorship & Coaching/Tarot/Human Design/Akashic Records Reading

Meagan Madson is a Healer, certified Life Coach and founder of Rose Moon Healing. Since being activated by her Twin Flame journey, Spirit has guided her to focusing her service work solely on supporting twins through the ascension path. She uses Transformational Coaching, Human Design, Somatic Therapy, Energy Healing & Spiritual Psychology to help clients unblock and tap into their limitless potential and Divine Union Within.
A seer of energy, a student of love, and a seeker of transcendence; Meagan’s studies have led her to certifications and integration of many mystical and occult sciences. She is studied and certified in NLP, Transformational Coaching, Master level Reiki, EFT, Shadow work, Akashic Records reading, Breathwork, and Spiritual Psychology.
Meagan spends a good deal of her free time in nature, ideally immersed in a body of water, or exploring foreign lands and new terrain. She honors sacred rest with sun + moon bathing and plenty of naps snuggling her four legged guide, Oskar the Shiba Inu. A namer of houseplants, a sister of Gaia, and a firm believer in the power of play, humor and surrender.

Rose Moon Healing
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