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Change is Inevitable

Give up your cosy seat in your comfort zone! You’re being called for greater things!

I’ve never liked change. Especially in my work life. I’ve always been lucky and blessed to have great work colleagues that I view as my extended family. But I believe that accepting change has been one of the lessons that I’ve had to learn in this life.

I remember my longest and my most rewarding work experience. I didn’t want to leave although I had begun to get the vibe that I was stagnant. I knew I had to go to grow but I was comfortable. Well! Very soon, everything about my job became VERY uncomfortable and eventually I left. I was virtually pushed out of my comfort zone by Spirit! At the job that followed, I met a wonderful woman who kept gently insisting that I apply for a scholarship that was available from the central government and when I ignored her, she DEMANDED that I apply for the scholarship. So just to get her off my back, I did. And I was awarded a full scholarship to pursue my Masters at City University, London. This then positioned me for my first diplomatic posting in New York, starting my PhD and the opportunity to continue working in the Foreign Service. My job in the Foreign Service provided me with a safety net whilst I had my awakening and whilst I created a nest egg which allowed me to pursue my spiritual work full time.

Had I stayed in my old job, I would not have met this amazing pest. Lol. I wouldn’t have applied for the scholarship. I wouldn’t have been awarded the scholarship and my life would not have set off on the trajectory that it has- having a job that I love that provides me the freedom of travel and the expression of my authentic self.

So I said all of that to say this. Everything and every change that occurs in your life whether through relationships, life experiences and even your job are for the evolution of your soul and to position you nearer to your life purpose. Refusing to budge from your position of comfort is like learning the lesson that needed to be learnt but refuse to graduate from the class because you’ve bonded with your desk and you have a nice seat next to the window. Weird right?

So say your Serenity Prayer and keep on walking! You’ve got greater things ahead of you!

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