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The Lessons of the Third Party...

If you missed my Live session with KMoon discussing the Shadow lessons of the Third Party/ Karmic, you can check that out via the link below. We looked at what constitutes the third party, what role and function they play on the twinflame journey and how we can leverage this "gift" from the Universe to accelerate our ascension journey. An excerpt from that interview follows.

Kmoon: Before we get into the whole thing let's just kind of… help us understand… a lot of times you know people will be trying to understand their twin flame connection they may go see a reader and the reader will say there's a third party here there's a third energy here. What is that, what does that represent, what does it mean? Break it down that for us

Maid4luv: That third-party energy could be just about anything. It doesn't necessarily mean a romantic intimate partner. It can mean a work colleague, it can be an interfering parent, it could be a neighbor. Whatever it is that is in your 3d reality that's mirroring back to you yourself, that is helping you heal on this journey is a third party. So I know a lot of people may have come on the Live tonight to hear about um the Karmic, Karmisha whatever you want to call them or whoever we're dealing with or whoever your DM is dealing with or maybe you yourself have a karmic in your life but the third party is a little bit more expansive than that. Everything in our life and everyone in our life, animate and inanimate, is mirroring back to you a part of yourself whether it might be light or shadow or in the terms of your dm it would be the light and the shadow aspects of yourself. So our closest mirrors are going to be of course our divine masculine and their karmic partner but also all family members can also be third parties or co-workers can also be third parties or neighbors; anybody that follows my channel knows that my neighbors have been facilitating a lot of my healing with regards to the inner divine masculine.
Sometimes, not sometimes, all pets, our pets… I don't know if um some of you guys used to watch um I think it was Cesar Milan, the dog whisperer…so people would come to him and they have all these issues with their dog whatever it is and the minute the energy changes and they're in his hands you can see the animal change and that's because pets are very psychic and they're just mirroring back to you yourself. So I used to do and I still do like pet tarot readings and people would come oh my dog is so anxious, I don't know what's wrong. The dog isn't anxious, the dog is mirroring back to you yourself. You are anxious and the dog is picking up on the vibes of that anxiety. Right so everything in our reality… our plants are mirroring back to us aspects of ourselves, our car, the way we have we keep our cars…our handbag is mirroring back to us aspects of ourselves all the time. So we're here tonight to talk about the human beings in our life but there are greater opportunities for healing once we have the awareness that everything around us, every single thing is mirroring back to us ourselves.
And sometimes that's triggering to hear especially if we work like in a hostile work environment and we're accustomed to blaming our co-workers for how hostile it is. No they're mirroring back to you an unhealed part of yourself. That the Universe, Divine trying to bring to your attention to it and if you keep having the same experiences all the time at some point in time you have to look at the common denominator and that common denominator is you and that's what I realized. So every interaction I have, it could be someone homeless on the street, it could be someone cutting you off in traffic; everybody is mirroring back to you a part of yourself that either needs healing or part of your life that you need to project out there um to the world and once we have that understanding I think there's so much healing um that we can do in such a rapid um space of time…

To watch the entire Interview, click on this link-

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