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Is Your Twinflame Your Karmic?

In this Live broadcast on YouTube, the Luvers and I explored the twinflame and karmic concepts and whether our twins are karmic to us. We also talked about how to tell if your twinflame is really your twinflame and not a karmic energy and the purpose of karmics on the twinflame journey. An excerpt from the broadcast follows and to watch the complete transmission, you can click on the link below.

So from the responses I think we all agree that a Karmic is someone who has agreed, or we could be contracted to this person, agreed to come into or incarnate in this lifetime with you to teach you particular lessons that will eventually of course resolve or end some recurring patterns or cycles right so that is a definition that we are operating with. This is someone most likely that we've met in a previous life okay and they've agreed to come back into this life with us, they have incarnated with us in order to teach us particular lessons that will help us end certain toxic patterns certain repetitive cycles that aren't good for us to allow for our evolution.
Do you think that your twin does that? How many… for how many of you has your twin been teaching you lessons and helping you to end toxic patterns? Have you evolved as a result of your interaction with your twin? I want you to answer have you evolved? Have they taught you about self-love? Are you seeing yourself ending ancestral patterns? Ending toxic habits? Learning to love yourself a little bit more? Do you see yourself with a closer relationship to the Divine? Have you seen yourself evolved into a more authentic version of yourself? Coming closer to your soul truths, your spiritual truths? Have you seen that? Exactly. So if we started off saying that a Karmic is someone who's here to teach us lessons and help us end repetitive cycles and your twin is doing that then your twin is karmic to you.
So my own personal belief is that every relationship that we have is karmic in the sense that it's there to teach us something even on non-human relationships or relationships with our pets… pets can help us okay even pets are teaching us lessons. So every relationship that we have, whether it's human or non-human, I believe it's teaching us a particular lesson…

You can watch the entire broadcast here-

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