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Phoenix Rising

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

There will come a time in your life where you will feel defeated. In fact, because of the cyclical nature of life, this may happen several times in your lifetime.

You will feel that you’ve hit rock bottom and you’ve hit it so deep that the only possible move is up. And up is exactly what’s in store for you. Because down there, in what is left of the old you and your old life, is not your destiny. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes so too will you rise. Out of the ashes of failed business ventures, monetary losses, health issues, job losses, the loss of loved ones, broken relationships, broken dreams and broken hearts. You will rise.

And you will look back on this time from your position of elevation, wiser and stronger, and you will thank Spirit for the challenges, for the lessons and for the wonderful people who extended their hand to pull you out of your place of perceived loss. I say perceived because that so- called defeat was really the new solid foundation upon which you will build your future happiness and abundance. Fear not the dark night for the sun will surely rise in the morning. Step boldly into your transformation!

Maid4Luv x

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