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Your Life Purpose

I do not believe that we were put on Earth to pray for the world to come to an end. If that’s your belief, I respectfully respect it as I do all spiritual beliefs but that’s not part of my belief system. Apart from the evolution of our soul, I believe that all of us singly, and sometimes in partnership with others, have a life purpose; a mission that only you, with your specific talents and life experiences is empowered to do that will bring people to a higher level of consciousness.

You will know when you’ve found that life purpose because every aspect of yourself will align- all your talents and your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self will work in tandem. Even your pocket will align. Lol.

What this life purpose is and when it is to start is SOLELY between yourself and God/the Divine/Spirit. No one else is to dictate the how, whys and wherefors.

Now when you step unto the path of your life purpose there will be the two Ds- distractions and detractors. Put your blinders on and focus because all these are just tests. Tests that you will pass when you remember that your journey is yours and yours alone and you are being Divinely supported every step on the way.

Figuring out your life purpose

How do you figure out what is your life purpose? I was taking to a friend about this a few days and here’s my thoughts on the matter. When I think about one’s life purpose, I think about the amalgamation of five key aspects, your talents, skills, passions, activities that you find yourself doing on a day to day basis and your life experiences.

  1. First of all, make a list of all your talents. And by Talents I mean your natural or inherent aptitude or abilities. These could be spiritual or psychic gifts, talents that have been brought over from past lives such as oratory or writing.

  2. Catalogue your skills next- make a list of all your skills with skills being areas of expertise or tools that you’ve picked up along the way from life and work experiences. They may include your qualifications whether through academia or vocational studies.

  3. Take stock of your interests or passions. Those things and issues that really get you all fired up. These are the sort of issues that will get you to march in the streets, form a picket line or get in an argument over dinner with strangers.

  4. List of those activities that you find yourself doing on a day to day basis that add value or help others.

  5. And finally, take a look at your life experiences. Which experiences taught you the most lessons and offered the greatest opportunities for wisdom? These are usually the most difficult and what you would have considered to be the most devastating at that particular moment in time. EVERY challenge, every heartbreak and every experience prepares you for the moment when you decided to answer the call of your soul.

Then look at these lists side by side and see where linkages can be made and how these linkages can be turned into projects or programs that help others. We’re not here for our own self interests. We all individually have a mission that is meant to touch and enrich the lives of others and catalyze your ascension.

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