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The Akasha. What is it? How Can We Access?

I went Live with my sister Lilly Rose to discuss the Akasha. We shared our downloads on what it was, listened to viewers experiences with the Akasha and then led the listening audience on two journeys to the Akasha to receive a message about the path forward. An excerpt of the YouTube Live is below. To watch the complete broadcast, click on the link that follows.

So when I asked my Guides, because I mean okay yeah you do research and you get um you know definitions of what it is but when I asked my Guides this morning, what they were telling me is that it is the etheric representation of the spirit of memory of the collective intelligence.
Guys I sat there with that. And they said we often equate memory as the past but memory is multi-dimensional and multi-directional so that's what they're saying so it's a collection of everything within the collective intelligence that we have access to because it is there within all of us right. We may visualize it outside of ourselves because it's easier to access it that way but they were saying that it's an energy and that's why people see it differently because your Guides will always communicate to you in a language that you understand so you say that you see it as an actual library and a lot of people were saying that. And then we have someone describing it as a palm leaf library and I see it as um a pyramid. How do you guys see it so for those of you who have accessed the Akasha? How do you guys see it?

To listen to the broadcast, you can click on this link-

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Hi Maid4Luv..where do I book a reading for Akasha Record?

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