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The Beauty That Lies In Forgiveness

Forgiveness is beautiful. It releases negative energy and opens the psyche to receive the dividends to be accrued to you from your deposit into the karmic bank.

It’s wonderful to forgive others but don’t forget to forgive yourself. Indeed, that is when we can recognize the true value of the experience especially the liberation felt when you finally put that burden to rest. It’s in that moment that we understand that both you and them were just working with the tools that they/ we were given or had at the time. IF they/ we had any tools AT ALL.

That is not to say that they get an automatic pass into your life. However, if there is a genuine recognition by the person of the perceived wrong and there are observable and measurable changes in this person, then why not? It’s totally at your discretion. Either way, release the negativity, give the person concerned a blessing, put the lesson in your toolkit for future reference and proceed to the next module.

You’ve just completed a powerful course in the school of life. Congratulations!

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