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Interview with Mystic Mag- My Twinflame Journey, Past Lives and Healing

In July of 2022, I did an interview with Mystic Mag that covered my awakening story, my twinflame journey, the importance of past lives and Spirit Release Therapy as a healing modality. An except from that interview follows.

"Well first of all, l just want to preface this interview by saying that I’m just sharing my truths because nobody knows what is the truth about the world, about the universe, about the spiritual realm, about spirituality. No one knows and I’m not even sure there’s such a thing as the truth or if we’re meant to arrive at THE TRUTH or A TRUTH but just own truths in this life. My truths have come from of course my experiences, my training, certainly my conditioning. Even though a big part of the journey that I am presently on involves deconditioning and unlearning the things that I was programmed to believe, there’s still quite a lot of things that are entrenched. My truths also come from my downloads, my research and my collaborative research projects with soul family.

I was raised devout Catholic and I’ve always known that I was spiritually gifted but the development of those gifts wasn’t something that was openly addressed as a child. My siblings called me “Ghostbusters” even though they too were and even now are quite psychically developed. Lol. But that sort of schism in my home was and is representative of the wider Caribbean society in which I grew up. It was and still is very common and normal that the first question that would greet you when you woke up or when you went to breakfast would be “what did you dream last night” and if your mother had a bad dream about you, you would stay at home and be very caution about your comings and goings, or if we opened a new bottle of rum or liquor we would throw some for the “spirits” or the Ancestors or if you found that your life had taken you down some sort of path of bad luck you would find a traditional healer what we would call in my culture, an Obeah man or Obeah woman in order to clear you right. But at the same time those same persons word sit in the front pew of their house of worship on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday condemning those very same spiritual acts as witchcraft which was used a word that was used in a negative sense. So that’s the dichotomous society that I grew up in and you have just had to find a way to navigate through that and you navigate through that for a large part by hiding your true self and hiding your intuition abilities.

Looking back on it now, I have several periods of awakening but nothing massive like what I felt when I met my twin and this is where everything started; this journey of remembering myself and having all my gifts unfold. That’s when everything just started taking place. It started off really subtle, just being bombarded by all these different synchronicities and just all this knowing and being Guided to all this information and eventually to the YouTube community. After months of procrastination, I started my YouTube channel but my healing services and research didn’t start in earnest until I met my soul sister Charlotte in February of 2019 and that’s where our deep dive into the study of twinflames and Spirit Release Therapy started."

To continue reading this interview, you can do so at MysticMag. Just click on this link-

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